Summer 2015’s Top 5 Summer Hair Trends

Summer 2015’s Top 5 Summer Hair Trends

New season, new style; but your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs a makeover this summer! Now the weather is getting hot, it’s time to say farewell to the longer haired styles and top knots of spring, grab the scissors and welcome in the new season with a daring cropped look.


Side Sweep

The side sweep is one of the top hair trends that are making an appearance this summer. It is a haircut that works best on straight/slightly wavy hair and provides a sophisticated air to men’s fashion. In terms of grooming, for those of you with finer hair, it is important to make your hair look thicker by using a volumising shampoo and conditioner. And for those of you with thicker hair, ask your barber to use thinning cutting techniques. Use a matte paste to finish and a touch of hairspray if needed, and you’re good to go!



The pompadour is an all-time classic hairstyle. The traditional pompadour kept the length in the back and sides, but this summer 2015 brings with it a fresh new take on this look. Ask your barbers to go that one step further and show a little skin on the back and sides, take the skin fade high and tight on the sides, but connect the back up. Keep the length on the top and when styling your hair use matte clay to hold in place. A razored-in side parting will give way to the natural parting though this summer. Ask a barber to find your natural parting before starting to cut your hair. Work together to get the right parting, then ask for a number one on the sides with a clean taper. Keep the shave through the sides towards the top and a decent length on top. Finally, style with monster hold wax to keep your hair looking good all day.



For a more clean-cut style, try out a buzzcut – when it comes to summer hair trends 2015, this one is already a huge hit. Whether you trial buzzing off a bit at the bottom of your hair, or you go for the less-hair-is-more look, don’t be afraid to show off your sides. If you’re already rocking a buzzcut and you want to edge up your style, then take the leap and go for a disconnected look. It’s a bold choice with more dramatic length differences than the usual buzzcut, but all you need to pull it off is confidence. Go ahead and experiment with different lengths, layers and lines to nail the ultimate edgy summer hair trend.


Please also mention that ZV2 is ideal for bearded men as an alternative to a cream moisturiser – because it’s a spray serum it reaches the skin under the hair unlike a cream …just spray and go

Make sure the style suits your face and matches style and lifestyle, Ask stylist for advice.



Wet look

A look that has grown in popularity over the year, and one that is set to sky rocket this summer. The firm hold, high shine Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Deluxe Pomade is the perfect choice for achieving this sophisticated and sharp look, which is an eye-catching alternative to the traditional laid-back summer beach style. Try with a full head of hair or with a buzzcut – however much hair you have, get it looking wet this summer

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