Day Serum


Day Serum


1. Specially formulated ingredients that immediately soothes skin post shave, reduces redness and sensitivity. This ingredient also increases the production of beta-endorphins to help give you a boost to start the day.

2. An active ingredient increases and stimulates the synthesis of androstadienone, a male pheromone.

3. Amino acids to soothe and moisturise fast, leaving skin feeling firm and smooth.

4. Improves blood micro-circulation to decrease under-eye dark circles and puffiness.

5. A strong anti-inflammatory formula, firms and tightens.

6. Prebiotic to support and encourage the natural skin flora balance.

7. Free radical scavengers to help protect skin against environmental stresses.

8. Active energising to reduce the effects of stress and fatigue leaving the skin more radiant.


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