Choosing Your Signature Scent

Choosing Your Signature Scent

Choosing your signature fragrance in this day and age can be a minefield as there is just so much choice in men’s fragrance. It is not something to be overlooked as the fragrance you settle on will represent you and reflect your personality. We have outlined a few handy tips on choosing your signature scent; all you need to bring to the table is an open mind, a willing nose and a sense of adventure!

  1. Learn the categories

Men’s fragrances can be grouped into certain categories. The traditional classification system for fragrances includes florals (which are dominated by one or more flowers), amber fragrances (which are both sweet and exotic) and woody fragrances (which are typified by sandalwood and cedar notes). That is not to say that men’s colognes are limited to these three classifications. There are other categories such as the leather family (which include honey and tobacco scents), the chypre category that are characterised by citrus tones, aquatic scents (which are clean and unisex) and green scents (which are light and typified by notes like grass or cucumber).

  1. Narrow your options

Once you have an understanding of the different categories, you will then need to develop an understanding of which scents appeal to you. Filtering out categories that do not appeal to you will really help you to find the right fragrance that also suits your personality. For example sporty types often go for citrus, green or aquatic fragrances, romantics should try a fragrance with florals and sophisticated yet mysterious types should select a musky, amber-based cologne.

  1. Try them on

It is very important to try the fragrances on as fragrance smells different on different people. This can be due to body chemistry, condition of the skin, the individual’s diet, medication, lifestyle, stress, and the environment in which we live. Furthermore, don’t try out more than three fragrances in one go and put something woolly, like a scarf, close to your nose to inhale between smells so that you cleanse your nasal palette. In the end, the fragrance that compliments your own natural body odour is not necessarily the one that you’re most attracted to right out of the bottle.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

Use your lifestyle and the city you live in to help you in your decision. This can help you figure out the intensity your fragrance should pack. If you’re in close contact with colleagues on a regular basis then you’ll want to avoid anything that they could find too overpowering. A night out calls for a stronger scent so if you are outgoing, consider a day-to-night duo or a scent that can be built upon or layered.

  1. Get a second opinion.

Finally, it is always worth getting a second opinion – particularly if you’ve got a partner that has their own opinions and preferences to add to the mix!


These are just a few helpful hints that we have to share, but what about you? How did you choose your signature scent?

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