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ZV2 has announced the launch of the first atomised serum formulated for men. The offering comprises of two serums, colour coded for day and night, the product is user-friendly and light in texture.

It has been formulated using fresh natural ingredients. The serum helps skin to repair, while boosting collagen and elastin production and reducing the signs of ageing. The product helps reduce the appearance of fatigue and stimulates the synthesis of male pheromones, while supporting the skins own mechanisms to decrease under-eye dark circles and puffiness.

The benefits of the day serum include, amino acids to soothe and moisturise and strong anti-inflammatory formula, which firm and tighten.

The night serum enhances cell communication to aid tissue repair, production of collagen and elastin. Marine active ingredients supports moisture and freshens all skin types.

The serum duo could become a must have for the man about town. – See more at: